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Home School Liason

About the HSCL Scheme in our School.

Who looks after the HSCL Scheme in our School?


The scheme co-coordinator in our school is Jacinta Moran. She is available to discuss, on a personal level, matters of concern with parents in their own homes or at school, whichever the parent prefers. How does the HSCL Scheme work? A Home-School-Community Liaison co-coordinator is assigned to a school in a disadvantaged area.

Activities undertaken by Jacinta are:


  • Home visitations

  • Organisation of in-school activities and courses for parents – Advising and supporting parents on education- related issues such as study skills and the promotion of a stimulating home learning environment

  • Meeting with community interests relevant to the education and welfare of pupils in the school

  • Encouraging co-operation between home, school and community interests


We are very fortunate to have the Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) scheme here in our school. The aim of the scheme is to promote partnership between home, school and the community and to ensure that every child participates fully in the school scheme.

It recognises the role of parents as the primary educators of their children, the influence of the home environment and seeks to promote a partnership between school and parents and the local community.

Remember, the HSCL Scheme is there for the benefit of you and your children. Its success depends in large part on your input! So, if you have any ideas, concerns, opinions or requests, share them with us.


You can contact Jacinta Moran on 086 793 3584.

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