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Sea School

Sea School is a concept that emerged from several significant events in recent years. Inspired by Ms. Furey's maritime adventures during a break, our school's designation as a Changemaker school, and the profound connection between Galway and the sea, Sea School embodies the vision of Ciaran Oliver to expose young minds to the maritime industry in Galway. Integrating in-class activities that align with the existing curriculum and exploring new topics relevant to the marine environment, students delve into subjects both inside and outside the classroom.

The program includes visits to iconic locations like the Claddagh, the Docks, and our workshop, providing hands-on learning experiences. Sea School encourages student-led initiatives, allowing kids to propose ideas, and as a pilot program, it offers the flexibility to experiment with various approaches. From on-the-water experiences learning about boats with engines to exploring the unique world of Hookers, Sea School aims to foster a deep understanding of and appreciation for the maritime world.

Have a look at a news piece done on Sea School by News2Day.

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