School Message from Mr Keane

Mr Keane has a message for the children and parents of Scoil Bhríde Shantalla.

School is closed from January 11th until January 29th. More information about the school reopening will be given as soon as possible.

Note: Mr Keane talks about from Monday. This is Monday January 11th 2021.

For more information on Seesaw go to our Families Website.

Pupils have access to the Seesaw Class App. Your child / children were given a copybook with a Seesaw home learning code. He/She brought home this copy from school. Your child will use this code to connect with his/her teacher on Seesaw app or website from home.

For more information on the Seesaw Family App please click here.

Website for Families

See a link to our Website for Families on the top of our main website

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