ClassDojo Parent Setup

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ClassDojo Parent Setup

Scoil Bhríde has set up an online system for you to use at home.

The system is called ClassDojo

We want you, the parent, to connect with your child’s online ClassDojo class, which his/her teacher has set up. You will connect by downloading the ClassDojo app on your phone/tablet or by going on to the ClassDojo website on your computer/laptop. Your child’s teacher will have sent you an email inviting you to join your child’s class on ClassDojo as a parent. So, you will need your own email account (click this link if you need see how to set up an email account. This is completely separate to ClassDojo). Your child/children will not need to sign up to an email account or a ClassDojo account.

Once you have set up your parent account, you will see the work that your child’s teacher has set for him/her. Show your child the work. You can take photos and upload files of his/her work and send them to his/her teacher through the ClassDojo messages using your parent account.

Mr Keane has been collecting parent email addresses. If you have not sent your email address yet please send it to

Read the following information and watch the videos to set up your parent ClassDojo account.

Watch this video to DOWNLOAD THE CLASSDOJO APP on your (Android) phone:

Note: There is no sound on this video.

Note: If you have an iPhone, go to the APP Store to download the app.

Watch this video to SEE HOW TO


  • Open your email. Connect to your child’s teacher on ClassDojo by clicking the email invite from your child’s teacher (email is from ClassDojo. Teacher's name will not be on the email)

Ignore the bit about Ms Egan’s class.

To Create a ClassDojo Parent Account Using an Email Invite


  1. Open your email account

Open your email account on your email app on your phone (e.g. gmail/Microsoft office)


On a web browser (Chrome/ Safari/ Internet Explorer)

  1. Click on the link in your email invite (your child's teacher will have sent you an invite. Note that the email is from ClassDojo. The teacher's name will not be on the email)

  2. Click on the "I'm ____'s Parent" button (e.g. I'm John's Parent)

  3. Enter your first and last name, email address, and create a password before clicking "Sign Up"

Please Note: If you already have an account, click on the "Log in now" button instead of creating new login info

Add a second child

See how to add a second child to ClassDojo.

A parent using ClassDojo

Watch the video to see how to use ClassDojo as a parent

  • See the class story

  • See messages

  • Message the teacher and upload a files/pictures of your child’s work

Note: The teacher may attach a word/pdf file to the Class Story. Click the file and it will download to your phone/tablet/computer/laptop.

Need Help? Go to the ClassDojo Helpdesk:

Your child's teacher will be in contact with you soon. They can help if you need it.

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