Scoil Bhríde Sports Week 2020

School in the month of June is a little different from all the other months - it is a month of summer activities, school tours and of course the all-important annual school sports day.

Who loves sports day? Everyone loves sports day! It is the big event of the year! This year we will be having a Virtual Sports Day. Our sports day this year won’t be about who can run the fastest, who can throw the furthest or who can jump the highest! Our virtual sports day will be about being creative, having fun and keeping healthy all in the safety of your own home!

There are 6 events - 5 fundamental movements skills and 1 Traditional Sports Day event. These include Running, Throwing, Kicking, Landing, Balancing and Traditional Sports Day games. Playing some of your favourite songs as you are doing your events will add to the fun!

Each event has a task level suitable for your age group. There is a skill explanation and a video instruction to help you set up for your event.

Please take a look at each event task and the videos for your level attached below before next week.

You will also need to have your equipment ready and here below is the list.

We have divided the activities into 2 sections:

a junior one (Early start to 2nd class)


a senior one (3rd class to 6th class)

Try our Fitness Challenges

Try Sport Week's School of Creativity

Here are the videos that will help you with your activities

Have Fun!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mr O'Connell (not the one with the curly hair) and all the staff who helped him for putting our Sports Week together.

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